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BITS Goa Convocation 2023: Honoring Academic Excellence








BITS Pilani Goa

Event Brief

The BITS Goa Convocation 2023, held at the BITS Pilani Goa Campus, honored the academic achievements of the graduating class. The event saw 850 guests in attendance and 6200 media uploads, documenting the ceremony's highlights.

Client Background

BITS Pilani Goa Campus is known for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life. The convocation event celebrates the culmination of years of hard work and dedication by the students.


To honor the academic achievements of the graduates.
To manage guest interactions and media sharing efficiently.
To capture and preserve the event's memorable moments.
To provide a seamless experience for graduates and their families.


The BITS Goa Convocation 2023 was a resounding success, honoring the academic achievements of the graduates. The comprehensive event platform ensured seamless guest interaction and media sharing, making it an indispensable tool for modern event management.


The results of the BITS Goa Convocation 2023 were outstanding:

High Engagement :                                             With 850 guests and 6200 media uploads, the event saw significant engagement.
Efficient Management :                                     The platform streamlined guest interactions and media management, ensuring a smooth event experience
Positive Feedback :                                            Graduates and their families appreciated the ease of sharing media and the real-time updates throughout the event.
Memorable Celebration :                                  The event successfully celebrated the academic achievements of the graduates, creating lasting memories.

Solution &

To achieve these objectives, the following solutions were implemented:

Guest Management: :                                       Digital invitations were sent, RSVPs were managed, and real-time updates were provided through                       
                                                                               an event platform.
Media Sharing :                                                  The platform enabled seamless media sharing, allowing guests to upload photos and videos, capturing key moments.
Real-time Updates :                                         Attendees received live updates about the event schedule, ensuring they stayed informed and engaged.
Privacy and Control :                                        The event platform offered privacy controls, allowing users to decide which media to share publicly.

Glimpse from the Event

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