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Ride to Mpower - 5th Edition









Event Brief

Ride to Mpower, the 5th edition of the annual charity ride organized by MpowerMinds, took place from Pune to Khopoli to Mumbai on February 24th and 25th, 2024. The event aimed to spread awareness about mental health. This year, the ride saw 220 enthusiastic participants who contributed to the cause with energy and dedication. Throughout the journey, 4200 pieces of media were uploaded by attendees, capturing the impactful moments and the scenic route.

Client Background

MpowerMinds is a leading organization dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being. With a focus on reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues, MpowerMinds offers comprehensive support services, including counseling, therapy, and educational programs. The Ride to Mpower event is a testament to MpowerMinds' commitment to creating awareness and fostering a supportive community for mental health.


To raise awareness about mental health and combat the stigma surrounding it.

To create a supportive and engaging environment for participants.

To document and share the journey through extensive media uploads.

To raise funds for mental health initiatives and support services.

Solution &

To achieve these objectives, the following solutions were implemented:



Ride to Mpower - 5th Edition was a resounding success, demonstrating the effective management and impactful engagement facilitated by MpowerMinds. The comprehensive event platform ensured seamless participant interaction, efficient media sharing, and real-time communication, making it an indispensable tool for modern event management. The success of this charity ride sets a new benchmark for what can be achieved in the realm of fundraising and mental health awareness initiatives.

Participant Management :                                Digital invitations were sent, RSVPs were managed online, and real-time updates were provided through                                                                                    a dedicated event platform.
Media Sharing :                                                   A robust media sharing system was in place, allowing participants to effortlessly upload photos and                                                                                             videos, capturing the spirit of the ride.
Real-time Updates :                                           Live updates about the route, schedule, and any changes were sent to participants, ensuring they stayed                                                                                  informed and engaged throughout the event.
Privacy and Control :                                          The event platform featured privacy controls, enabling participants to choose which media to share                                                                                            publicly and which to keep private, enhancing the overall user experience.


The results of Ride to Mpower - 5th Edition were remarkable:

High Engagement :                                             With 220 participants and 4200 media uploads, the event achieved significant engagement and active                                                                                                    participation.
Efficient Management :                                     The use of a dedicated event platform streamlined participant interactions and media management, ensuring a                                                                                    smooth and enjoyable experience for all.
Positive Feedback :                                            Participants appreciated the ease of sharing media and the real-time updates provided throughout the ride.
Awareness and Fundraising:                             The event successfully raised awareness about mental health and generated funds to support various mental                                                                                          health initiatives.

Glimpse from the Event

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