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Samaro: Changing the dynamics of events

Superman and wonderwoman getting married the Samaro way
Superman wedding Samaro

Events are not just for socializing but are also part of our primal instincts. Evolutionary psychology suggests that human beings have been ‘partying’ since ancient times. In groups, in social gatherings, we feel a rhythmic vibration of euphoria pass through us. It connects us. This phenomenon is called ‘Collective effervescence’. This is the happiness we perceive at concerts and weddings. Humans are emotional beings. We feel while being aware of the fact that we are in the process of feeling. We have a propensity to capture moments and keep remembrances, so we can relive them. This is why we love clicking pictures (almost greedily). They help us preserve the fragrances of those tiny silver moments. We value our memories.

All events comprise of two main players interacting with each other:

The Guest

Technology is making every day better (some may disagree though). As guests, events are one place we are most eager to make memories because we see them as milestones in life. Something to look back to, something to tell your kids about. Samaro’s vision is to bring another dimension to events. A new way of experiencing moments and preserving those moments in our memories, through Samaro!

Somaro preserves those fragrances using the most innovative technology. A more holistic experience. Imagine going to a huge wedding, with guests you don’t even know, yet you get to see the wedding through their lens, through their pictures. Missed taking pictures from an event? hesitant to ask? Samaro delivers you all the pictures directly to your doorstep. Finding your pictures is like finding a needle in the hay? The facial recognition technology features, filters all your pictures for you.

Ask your hosts to transform their event to a smart event via Samaro.

  • No need to install yet another app that you will never use again.

  • With just one time login to the website and a selfie, you are ready!

  • Upload any pictures you click via Whatsapp on Samaro bot.

  • View pictures being uploaded in real time from all over the event by all the guests.

  • Go home, download them or keep them stored on our cloud space. No more messy picture sharing.

The Host

Hosting an event is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of factors at play in this dynamic exercise. Akin to web development, There are backend (backstage) and frontend (stage) activities. The Guests are not aware of the backend work and struggle to keep them entertained. They only see the flawless event that the host planned for them, a seamless experience. The Host at times goes to great pains to make sure things are as expected. Guests have their own role however in the event, of being curious, open and understanding. And by the interplay of both these characters can the event (website) be a success. The only way to extract maximum out of this public space (possibly collective effervescence), is to have both parties do their bit.

This interaction, inturn will create an enhanced experience and the onus of making this happen is on the Host. Coming straight from our heritage ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ or Guest is god, it is the responsibility of the Host to entertain the Guest. Samaro is here to help you provide that experience to your guests and make an event that no one will forget.

  • Create an event on Samaro.

  • Give the event your own style, creating custom sub events and descriptions.

  • Invite your guests to the Samaro event.

  • Manage guest list

  • Provide them event updates via Whatsapp bot.

  • Guests get access to an online gallery with photos captured by everyone at the event in real time.

  • Privacy features help you feel safe and secure.

Encourage your guests to login to Samaro and transform your event to a smart event. There may be tiny resistance faced in these aspects as humans are resistant to change. It becomes important to motivate people to adapt to a new technology, but everything new requires openness. Tiny nudges from you can take your event to the next level. By using an approach called libertarian paternalism, you can guide them to use Samaro. By placing QR codes to join the event on tables and stages. Have the anchor speak about it or talk to close friends about it.

Samaro understands all social gathering are pillars of our social structure. The need of the hour is not to complicate but to simplify, hence it offers an easy to use web application integrated with Whatsapp, one of the most commonly used applications in the world. So that people from all walks of life can readily be involved in this new trend. Samaro hopes to change the dynamics of the game. Are you willing to be part of this change?

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