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The Samaro story

Updated: May 17, 2023

Welcome to Samaro, New age event planning & photo-sharing App.

What is Samaro

Samaro is a cutting-edge AI-enabled smart event planning and photo-sharing app integrated with a WhatsApp bot. It helps solve many of the common problems that guests, hosts, and photographers face at events - from difficulty in sorting and sharing photos to last-minute changes and delays. And it does so in a way that is seamless, user-friendly, and fun.

Vision of Samaro

Samaro is more than just an app - we are creating a community of people who love events and want to make them better. Whether you're a guest, a host, or a photographer, we invite you to join us and experience the magic of Samaro for yourself.

In conclusion, Samaro aims to be a one-stop solution for all your event needs. With its AI-enabled smart event planning and photo-sharing capabilities, it solves many of the common problems that guests, hosts, and photographers face at events. Whether you're attending a wedding, a corporate event, or a social gathering, Samaro makes it easy to capture, share, and enjoy all the memories that come with these special occasions.

As creators of Samaro, we are proud of what we've achieved so far but we know that there's still so much more we can do. We're constantly working to improve and make it even better for our users. And we're excited to continue growing our community and helping people create unforgettable event experiences for years to come.

So far we have piloted Samaro for some early adopters in our network of photographers, clients of KnotsbyAMP, and BITSian couples getting married and even hosted 3000 people at the tech fest APOGEE 2023 of BITS Pilani on Samaro.

Problems Samaro is solving:

Here is an explainer video that quickly summarizes problems Samaro is solving.

Let's take a closer look at some of the specific problems that Samaro is designed to solve, and how we do it.

Problem #1: Guests don't get photos from events they attend taken by official photographers because clients find it difficult to sort photos and send them to everyone. It is a recurring request from guests at weddings to get photos to their WhatsApp directly from the photographer's camera but it's not easy to do it.

Solution: Samaro collects photos from all guests during the sub-events by nudging everyone on WhatsApp. Guests can upload photos, which Samaro will then compile into a single album. This makes it easy for hosts to share photos with all guests, without the hassle of sorting and sending them individually.

Problem #2: Even though photographers work hard to put together a great set and cover as many people as possible, the photos don't reach guests, which is an opportunity lost to spread their work and brand to all the guests for future work and leads. Also, guests hand over their phones to photographers so that they can get the photos instantly which annoy photographers a lot!

Solution: Photographers can share photos on Samaro from the event, giving guests easy access to their work. Samaro's facial recognition technology can also help match guests with the photos they appear in, making it easy for them to find and share the images they want. So if you are a photographer and you don't want guests to hand their phones to you, simply use Samaro.

Problem #3: Hosts or people getting married have to constantly ask their friends and family to share photos with them, and even when they do, it can spam everyone present in the WhatsApp groups.

Solution: Samaro eliminates the need for hosts to constantly request their guests to share photos. Instead, Samaro collects all the photos by automatically sending reminders through the Samaro Whatsapp bot from guests and photographers in one place, making it easy for hosts to access them and share them with others.

Problem #4: Sub-events often get delayed and their venues change, which becomes difficult for all guests

Solution: Samaro sends event updates to all guests, so everyone stays informed about any changes to the schedule or location. This helps avoid confusion and chaos and ensures that everyone can enjoy the event without any unnecessary stress.

Problem #5: People often know only a few people in the events that they attend.

Solution: Samaro plans to let users and guests network with other guests and match based on their interests. This helps create a sense of community at events and makes it easier for people to connect with others who share similar interests.

At Samaro, our goal is to be the go-to platform for all kinds of events, especially social and corporate events. We believe that events should be enjoyable, stress-free experiences for everyone involved, and we're passionate about using technology to make that a reality.

Problem #6: Finding trusted vendors for an event is not easy. Most vendor listing websites have no means of showing vendors who have worked in your trusted network.

Solution: Samaro integrates all vendors of an event in each event that is hosted here and over multiple events it maps the events where guests and vendors are part of and builds recommendations based on that. On Samaro, when anyone searches of vendors, they will find vendors who have already worked in their network first.

The idea of Samaro

The idea of Samaro was conceptualized by our founder Anupam Maurya, an electronics engineer from BITS Pilani who after a short stint as Software Developer at Infineon and Circuit Designer at AMD, became a full-time wedding photographer and filmmaker back in 2013 December. As a wedding photographer, he experienced firsthand the joy and magic that weddings can bring along with the chaos and frustration that can arise when things don't go as planned. Not to mention the painstaking manual efforts that go into organizing any event.

He realized that there was a real need for a platform that could streamline event planning, capture photos and share them with guests, and help people network and connect with one another.

Origin of Samaro:

Initially, the genesis of Samaro began with the idea to create a Wedding planning app called WedPrime during Covid 2020 by Anupam. The platform was envisioned as a solution for the wedding industry. But with further interactions with a lot of wedding planners, Anupam realized a mobile app would not be downloaded by all attendees of an event. So for a brief time, he abandoned the project.

In 2022 March Anupam along with his friend briefly worked on FotoBot and around this time he met Raunak Ritesh who hails from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad and they instantly hit off and connected on their desire to create something meaningful. While the team at FotoBot broke up, Anupam & Raunak decided to work on WedPrime again but this time as a progressive Web App integrated with Whatsapp. Raunak brought the crucial software development expertise of over 5 years in custom Web application development for both startups and big clients in his previous stints with Deloitte, NMBR, and Lentra. The team of two was further strengthened when Gaurav, who quit his job at Lentra, joined Samaro in May 2023. Very quickly our team grew and we continue our efforts in developing the platform. The team saw the potential of our platform for not just weddings but for the entire event industry. And so, we rebranded to Samaro, a name derived from the Hindi word for events, "Samaroh." For the beta launch of Samaro, we hosted the tech-fest of BITS Pilani - APOGEE 2023 between March 30 - April 3.

As we pen this down, we are finally ready to come out of stealth mode and ready to share it with you all. We look forward to active feedback and adoption of Samaro and let it be the place where you host all your events.

Below are the social media handles to remain in touch with Samaro and actively reach out to us. P.S. We are most active on Instagram and Linkedin 🙂

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