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New age event assistant
AI photo-sharing

Supercharging events for Organisers, Guests, Photographers and Event professionals


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 your event experience with 

The digital partner for all your events

Clients and Partners

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Make your events talk of the town

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Invite Guests

Invite guests, co-hosts and vendors to your event, and keep a complete track with sub-event level access control.

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Event Landing Page

Each event gets a beautiful landing page easily shareable through all social media platforms.

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AI Photo Sharing

AI photo-sharing with 99.98% accuracy on Facial recognition. Now, your friends will never complain about not getting photos.

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Whatsapp Bot

Add guests, share media and receive event updates through Samaro Whatsapp Bot.


Event Itinerary

Create event itinerary and update everyone  on change in timing or venue with Google Calendar & Whatsapp integration

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Enable guests to mingle with each other even before the event starts

Coming Soon

We made Samaro to work on Web and Whatsapp,

so you don’t have to download yet another mobile app.

Why use Samaro?

RSVP and guest management through Samaro.

Invite and Manage your guests the smart way

Compile your guest list, send invitations on whatsapp, confirm attendance, plan guest accomodations and capture guest preferences with Samaro.

Never miss a moment with Samaro

Samaro's Whatsapp Bot collects photos from attendees and saves them in a beautiful online gallery. Everyone get's their photos automatically through facial recognition.

So you don’t worry about missing a single moment and relive it all.

Online photo gallery, caturing all the images from the event.
Live photo sharing in a wedding with Samaro

Instantly enjoy photos from the event

While official photos can take weeks to arrive, your Samaro gallery will be buzzing with photos even before your event ends as guests take and share photos instantly with Samaro Whatsapp Bot.

So everyone can cherish photos without waiting for days. 

Automatic reminders to guests for sharing photos 

Samaro sends thoughtful reminders to guests about event updates and activities like RSVP, photo-sharing, etc. Guest receive messages encouraging them to share photos and complete event related tasks.

So you don’t have to run after your guests yourself.

Photo Sharing using Samaro Whatsapp bot

Elevate the experience of your Guests

Selfie for facial recognition AI.

Each guest shares a selfie on signup with Samaro

Media gallery created on Samaro.

Samaro runs facial recognition AI and matches faces to images.

Photo sharing using Samaro Whatsapp bot

Guests receive Whatsapp messages with link to their photos.

No guest will ever complain about not getting their photos

Digital partner for all your events

College fest with Samaro. Best event planning and image sharing.

School & College festivals

Cultural fest with Samaro. Republic Day celebrations with Samaro.

Cultural programs

Corporate Event with Samaro.

Corporate events

Birthday planning and photo sharing experience with Samaro.

Birthdays and other socials 

Sign up for

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Better photo-sharing with facial recognition & Whatsapp Bot

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Wedding photoshoot with Samaro

Are you a Vendor

We've got you covered too!

Increase your marketing out-reach and branding with your services reaching all Guests.


“Samaro is amazing in how it gathers photos from all the guests and distributes them by using a selfie. We didn’t have to do ask or follow-up with anyone, and we had tons of photos and videos in one place for all our guests to enjoy.”

Dr Vaishnavi Thakkar, Radiologist 

Customer testimony for Samaro.

How to get Samaro

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