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About Us

Elevate your event experience 

We created Samaro to be a handy tool for all your social events whether it's a birthday, an outing with friends and family, an anniversary, or even a wedding. Samaro is a unique web app that helps you host your events where you can add your guests, share and collect photos and engage your guests to elevate the event experience and make it memorable. Since everyone uses Whatsapp, we made Samaro Whatsapp bot which lets you use most features on Whatsapp without the need to download any other application on your mobile. Samaro aims to make planning social events fun and be the ultimate solution for planners, guests, and vendors.    

Our Story

The founding team of Samaro has rich experience in the event industry and in creating great software. Founded by Anupam Maurya, a BITS Pilani alumnus and renowned wedding photographer Samaro was conceived to make events easier to plan and elevate event experiences for the new age digital world. Planning an event is a multi-faceted problem that Samaro aims to simplify and bring together all stakeholders on one platform.


Our vision is to make Samaro a global events social network and end-to-end event solutions platform. When you think of planning an event, think of Samaro first. 

Co-founded by Raunak Ritesh, another BITS Pilani alumnus and a software engineer with 5 years in developing software products, Samaro aims to revolutionize the way people experience social events and help event professionals grow their businesses. To know the whole story, read here

Meet The Team

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Product Manager, IIIT Delhi

A CS graduate of 2020 who has previously worked as a research fellow at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Sneha is adept at market research and is responsible for product ideation and management. In her own words she is an occasional fiction writer, but has already written two books ready to be published.

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Raj Maurya

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Graphic Designer & Animator

A BMM graduate from Mumbai university, he is responsible for creating cool graphics, posters, and videos. Raj loves to dance and play football. A quick learner, he is instrumental in supporting the Samaro content team and making everything look beautiful.

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